Life is all about small small recognitions and accomplishments… By reading above quote, don’t prejudge me as I’m going to tell Life philosophy.

Just I wanna emphasis one great thing I felt today. Yes, It’s all about Marathon…

Our entity organised a marathon which was about 5km, 10km, 21km categories… Even though as a daily treadmill runner, I just filled application for this event reluctantly.

SEPTEMBER 23rd, 4.45 am

Usually my weekend starts and ends with books as I always prefer to be with them. But, this weekend something special about this event. I felt gladly to be participate in this event and geared up for 10km long run with consistency from last 2 weeks…

Finally, the D-Day has come. I woke up and got ready for the run at 4.30 am. Transportation was arranged by our entity and the run was planned to conduct in Nice road, Bangalore.

When me and my colleague reached up the spot, we were astonished by seeing all endeavours made by our organisation and the spirit level of our co-runners.

The place was quite amazing in eco-friendly and We could sensed the zero traffic level.

After took up 1 banana and some glucose capsules I just boosted my energy level for endurance run and warmed up for 15 minutes to get back muscles in active form.

Finally at 6’o clock the organisers flagged up the 10km run. Timing chip was inserted on my bib. I kick started running with the spirit of finish it as much faster I can.

When my shoe touched the road, I felt the feel of getting closer with nature as I was running in dawn breeze. To be frankly It was like a kid running on floor with naked foot and I could sense that abondoned childhood within me just awakened instantly.

On my 4th km it might be, I was somewhat about to cease to get back my energy level. Suddenly, I heard one humble voice, “Come on bhai, Come on bhai… You can finish it easily”. Yes, It was my senior and we didn’t know each other before. But, he sown a so called weapon named hope at that time when I was tired.( Thanks Bhai)

Now I finished 5km and got returned to my way back for complete 10km. In between I took gulcose water and drank it on my way of running itself (Competition matter). While running In my mind only one thing was running ‘However we should finish it within one hour’.

My heart was beated like a hell. My veins badly wanted to finish this game with the same spirit as how I started it. I kept on keep going. Rapidly I increased my speed also while returning. Barely I overcame around 50 players on my way back.

It was about to 500 Meter. I could sense the joy of about to finish my first ever professional marathon and kids were there to encourage the runners. “Good job Uncle…Keep going” a kid shouted and gave me his hand from outside the track. Wow.. that feel… How could I emphasis…

It was about to 50 meter I guess, I increased my speed level inorder to overcome my elder corunner. I overcame him and reached up successfully my line. Suddenly, that elder fellow runner rushed to me and told something inspired. He was 78 years old. Still he keep running as it is his passion and he participated in hundreds of marathon then before. And we shared each other’s talk and he advised me “consistency gives you a way in marathon more than instant speed”. And I really got inspired by that grandpa. He finally told “Always get addict to positive habits which makes your life healthy”. I saluted and hugged him by heartedly and we shared our byes each other.

Yes, It was totally unforgettable event.I finished 10km in 56min 46 sec and came 78th rank among 1273 participants. Atlast, I sensed that life is not at all about earning and buy your desired 3BHK and it’s about small small accomplishments and recognitions too.

I request everyone to get high naturally by which habit secrets dopamine in your neurones wheather it may be Painting, Reading,Writing, Running, Coding, Quants puzzle solving what ever it may be which suits your cup of tea in your leisure time….Don’t forget..Get high naturally..!

– Vignesh Sekar , 560100

Everything becomes Equilibrium

Just want to iterate one thing within ourselves at anytime, “This too shall pass”.

Wheather its utmost worst or height of best. Whatever it may be, our life becomes get equilibrium in between what we did and what we will get.

Human mind is a vast and mysterical territory than Bermudas triangle. We should use it productive. Because Our every thought becomes going to be action. Obviously We’re our most companion and opponent by thinking vise versa.

Rather than emphasis philosophically, here I note down a eminent rule,

” Every reaction there’s an opposite equal reaction”

As per Newton’s third law, he didn’t only contribute to gravity and also life too. So, whatever one may want in life, an effort with persistent can give opposite equal result definitely. We may get what we want or rather get great experience that none wont give us.

Ups and downs, depression, sucidal thoughts, low time, self doubt… It’s all now common phenomena of every jobless citizens post their graduation. Do one thing ,go with force rather than being idle. Pursue your inner voice. You have one life. Your grandson’s son won’t remember your name however. There’s a certain elasticity for everything.




The second part of parliament sessions are continued to adjourn till 20th day amid great disruption in both upper and lower houses. It’s very pity that both Rajya sabha and Lok sabha members can’t conduct session in constitutional manner. The overall productivity hours of both houses are mere 10% as of now.


‘No confidence motion’ is a very fine constitutional act against any ruling government by its opposition members in the houses. A ruling government should face this stand off after majority of house members raised their concerns. Then, 10 days window will be opened for the ruling party to prove their majority in the houses. Untill there should be no bills can’t pass in parliament. It’s our rule of constitution.


As of now, there are various party members who protesting inside houses forgot the ‘Code of conduct act’ which drafted on 1960 which barred to come,shout and misbehaviour in the well of house. Every minute of parliament session is invested huge amount of national citizens. However, the elected MPs get their respective pay and allowance and basic amenities as per article 70(5) without any delay once they selected. But, the concern now is they should think of out side citizens who sown trust on them and elected as members. Atleast, they have to co-operate for healthy session to pass crucial bills.


However, the government extends special session for pass bills which are pending. With this mere time frame, we can’t expect adaquet debate on bill passing. Ruling party now in the position of pass the bills in a war footing manner. The opposition parties are intentionally shouting at house for their political gains. Now, there are main issues pending without debate like PNB SCAM, CBSE PAPER LEAK, SSC PAPER LEAK, ANDRA PRADESH SPECIAL STATE STATUS, IMPLEMENT THE SUPREME COURT VERDICT ON CAUVERY DISPUTE BETWEEN TAMIL NADU AND KARNATAKA.


Both ruling party and oppostion parties are two wheels of a cart. Both wheels should be in same harmony inorder to spin the cart forward. To address this concern, both ruling and opposition parties need to sit back and speak up on various disputes amid the country. Period..!



Normally, our law gives two kind of bails to accused to come out from conviction. There are Ordinary bail and Anticipatory bail. In first, anticipatory bail was made infavour of innocents who accused on political game, want to be does’t convicted can be appeal this anticipatory bail.

Anticipatory bail is gives you bail before your conviction even though FIR and Chargesheet were filed against you. On one side, this bail plays as a saviour for innocents who prey on someone’s misuse of law. But, on flip side our so called politicians and corruptionists evade our prestigious law by using this anticipatory bail since this bail came into effect.

However, a heat is going on now about ‘Prevention of attrocities against SC/ST act,1989’ which protects vulnerable section of our society gave some ray of hope to them till previous week. Our supreme court said previous week (March,2018) a ‘preliminary enquiry’ must be conducted before file a FIR on the ground ‘Prevention of attrocities against SC/ST act,1989’ and that enquiry should be conducted by minimum Deputy superintendent of police level within a week. It’s prevent misuses of the law. But, political parties raise concern about ‘Low conviction rate‘ of 23% on the ground of these attrocities against SC/ST act on 2016.

However, we should consider may be the weaken charge sheet, lack of evidence while scrutiny, Fabricated victims also plays to the low conviction rate.

Now, the concern is any law should’t be amend in favour any political games. Our law makers are resemblers of our society. They should be on the side of common man of society. The achievement of our post Independence is our constitution. We have to keep it’s holy status infavour of vulnerable society.


First of all, my regards to the Almighty for land me in where can I access what I want and keeps me updated ever, in so called Metro city Chennai. As a rural man, I enjoys this strange metro tag. But, can’t being stop ask myself “where will be we all heading towards”? 

Yes, all we need to be economically stable as  individual, Great developed hegemony as nation. But, in the sake of Globalisation, Industrial revolution we’re adding fuel to fire which can both destroy and construct us. We’re the victims of urbanisation. The abundance of amenities and perk for endeavours quite high when compare to rural areas of our country. 

Ports eases exports and imports. We have to look among all other diplomatic developed countries for a short notes. They all manoeuvred for surge up industrial and agro commodities in rural areas of their country which is being part of their sustained economical growth. 

I’m also not an exception for this budge. We can’t blame anyone here. History never reminds the temporary immigrants unless they set things historically. It’s all look like a gambling at one point. People here keep convert their agro fields into plots. They succeeds in marketing the lands. But, not as eco friendly. In these six months of urban life I could’t see any growing crops instead hoardings of ‘To let’ and ‘ Near heart of city,three BHK for 1 crore ‘. People aquist all land ,does sales and gets profit instantly but loss infront of nature. 

Rather than encouraging citizens migrate towards cities and makes mammoth population in a small circle, Our authorities strive to people gets everything they want even in rural areas. I remember one quote “ Villages are the backbones of a country”. Someone said, well said. 

Authorities and bureaucrats of our nation should ensure wheather equal pay given in rural areas when campares to urban. Yes, I agree the there’s much in this buisness statics. Transportation, importing and exporting goods, getting technologies and so on. As a citizens, we have to connect the dots from urban to rural. Then only one country will empower really. Unless, we may ended up our life in somewhere as a unidentical migrant. 

SUMMARY: Have to connect the dots in between urban and rural of our Nation. Health care, Quality education, Top industries, Hybrid agro technology a lot things we have to work out.



Right now a heat debates are going on that our Government planned to cut subsidy within March 2018 for LPG. For  upper middle class people this decission won’t affect them,however they will manage by adding 200 per cylinder from their earnings. But a common man like who plan their budget monthly with low income, who allotted that amount  for monthly transport cost, who separated that amount for their child’s milk will definitely hurt. As a citizen of India we welcome ‘Demonetisation’ ‘GST’ as a part of our county’s economical growth. But a change should not be imposed to citizens in sake of patriotism. 

According to urban life style one fresher graduate can’t simply run his day to day life by eating cheapest foods available in city, give rent for room, transport cost etc. Centre should consider common man’s situation and risk for survey with limitation. They all spent lakhs and lakhs money for their education which told them in college ” once you finished,you will get life settled” 

Here not talking on one side for graduates itself, each and every worker must get minimum wage.  In the mask of Capitalism one government should not go beyond corporate heads. Universal Basic income for every work which will be constituted by legislature only itself solution for all sucides, inflation, changing lifestyle and everything.


                      JAI HIND