First of all, my regards to the Almighty for land me in where can I access what I want and keeps me updated ever, in so called Metro city Chennai. As a rural man, I enjoys this strange metro tag. But, can’t being stop ask myself “where will be we all heading towards”? 

Yes, all we need to be economically stable as  individual, Great developed hegemony as nation. But, in the sake of Globalisation, Industrial revolution we’re adding fuel to fire which can both destroy and construct us. We’re the victims of urbanisation. The abundance of amenities and perk for endeavours quite high when compare to rural areas of our country. 

Ports eases exports and imports. We have to look among all other diplomatic developed countries for a short notes. They all manoeuvred for surge up industrial and agro commodities in rural areas of their country which is being part of their sustained economical growth. 

I’m also not an exception for this budge. We can’t blame anyone here. History never reminds the temporary immigrants unless they set things historically. It’s all look like a gambling at one point. People here keep convert their agro fields into plots. They succeeds in marketing the lands. But, not as eco friendly. In these six months of urban life I could’t see any growing crops instead hoardings of ‘To let’ and ‘ Near heart of city,three BHK for 1 crore ‘. People aquist all land ,does sales and gets profit instantly but loss infront of nature. 

Rather than encouraging citizens migrate towards cities and makes mammoth population in a small circle, Our authorities strive to people gets everything they want even in rural areas. I remember one quote “ Villages are the backbones of a country”. Someone said, well said. 

Authorities and bureaucrats of our nation should ensure wheather equal pay given in rural areas when campares to urban. Yes, I agree the there’s much in this buisness statics. Transportation, importing and exporting goods, getting technologies and so on. As a citizens, we have to connect the dots from urban to rural. Then only one country will empower really. Unless, we may ended up our life in somewhere as a unidentical migrant. 

SUMMARY: Have to connect the dots in between urban and rural of our Nation. Health care, Quality education, Top industries, Hybrid agro technology a lot things we have to work out.



Again had a great time while reading this book. Nepoleon Hill, a United states great motivational author and public speaker who herein endeavours Thirteen secrets towards success in Life.

For accomplish success in life we have to follow a strict cycle which is







1.DESIRE ( The starting point)

First of all achieve something in life we have to desire that thing in our mind. Without desire nothing going to be effect. Edison desired of incandescent light which can be used by electricity became true and we burned lamps happily in our homes today. Wright brothers desired about a machine that would fly through the air which now eases our journey by air travel. Marconi dreamt of a wireless hearing device which now called Radio. Helen Keller became deaf, dumb and blind but she made her name into history. Because ”No one ever is defeated untill the defeat accepted as a reality by them”Always remember ‘Every adversity comes with a seed of own advantage in Life”

2.DECISSION ( Decission decides us)

If you influenced by others opinion, Then you will have no desire of your own“. A great example for decission making is emphasized here. Once a captain of army going to oppose a world’s tremendous powerful army team. The captain and his warriors were going through sea way on warships and after reached, the captain blazed all ships simultaneously and said ” our Ships are burning now. We have no chance now to run away alive.The only odd will be defeat them and go with pride” and they won. Here a firm decission gave them one and only choice to ‘conquer enemies or martyr there’. That decission made them successors.

3. FAITH( visualization and belief in attainment of desire)

“If you think you’re beaten, you are,

If you think you dare’t, you don’t ,

If you like to win, but you think you can’t ,

It’s almost certain you won’t .

Life’s battle don’t always go

To the stronger or faster man,

But soon or later the man who wins

Is the man who thinks he can “

If you fails in your any attempt to make something, don’t lose hope. Because the achievers who accomplished great things are failed thousand times. They considered themselves as a ‘ Temporary failure’ and kept on keeping on. Edison ( 10,000 times failed in to found what he desired “incandescent lamp” . Ford ( He desired to change the world by the help of motor vehicles). Here both of them are school dropouts and they believed in their desire till their last breathe and they lives till date after their death.


Here we’re going to see a vital trait which is called ‘ persistence’. History hold names itself, those who holds persistence in their behaviour and desire.

Let we glimpse one of the examples of persistence. Mohammed is a ordinary man who borned and rised in Mecca who was treated like a insane in his country. But, here Mohammed believed in something persistently and tried to explore something strange to the world in the name of religious thoughts. Finally, after 35 years, It became possible to establish a new religion so called ‘ ISLAM ‘ for Mohammed. Even though he didn’t compell Christians to convert. He believed in front of Masha Allah everyone equal and finally he established a mammoth religion by his desire. But, this achievement could’t happen in overnight for Mohammed. It took around 20 years. It’s called persistence. We may give example ofBuddha, Jesus those who kept persistence for something to do this world. Strongly author reckoned ‘ If you do any task, just keep on keeping on’ . Failures are just to be see as temporary defeats. Persistence lifts you up surely.

5. THE MASTER MINDS ( Positive vibrations)

Herein, Author tell us keep ourselves who motivates us and who really want us to good in future. These group members called as ‘ Master Minds’ . We can get positive vibes from them always. Power may be produced through friendly alliance of group. We always have to keep a good relationship with them and keep in mind

Our surroundings decide our desire”

6. ORGANIZED PLANNING ( keep eye on your plans)

When defeat come it’s not means that you’re closed. It means your plans are not enough sound as successors. You have to rebuild your sailing towards your journey much stronger than before. Always remember ‘ Winners never quit, Quitters never win’. Never don’t try to reap, without sow. You want to give your Harmonious conduct in your planning.

Finally Author wants us to overcome The fear of poverty, The fear of criticism, slowness in reaching decissions, Quitting when someones opposed us, Unwilling to accept blame for mistakes, lack of confidence in one’s own idea.

A worth reading book to those who really looks up someone to lift up. After read it you’ll have power to lift up yourself by own.



Had been in great chaos while reading him,Wheather he was an Atheist or Agnostic.Finally he nailed it as a great phsycologist and Doctor by “There’s nothing in Religions and our Gods, All about our Sub concious mind”.

Let we glimpse the vital points of Joseph Murphy.

1. Our mind divides as concious and sub concious.which we believe as truth will be goes to our brain and it transformed it’s visual picture to our solar cells. Then it moves to our abdominal brain by kinetic motion. Finally we will see it as real in our life.It’s universal function of Sub concious mind.

2. We can break any bad habit within us and practise any new habit by using sub concious mind.Our concious mind acts as a camera and sub conscious work as video player. Which will capture in our conscious mind reflects through subconscious as real incident.So, be care with your thoughts.

3. Actually he didn’t criticise any believes on God. But, he emphasised all treatment happens in the name of God is nothing to deal with. In all religion, they practised treatment for hard diseases when patient was in drowsy state which means the hermits can easily speak with patient’s subconscious mind. Now, patients strongly believe what they said and practised.Hermits told “this amulet which tied in your hand was blessed by God directly, by wearing it in your hand surely you get recover from this disease ” like this. Here, patient blindly believe his God can preserve him damn sure in his subconscious mind. It’s a mental practise which uses in all over great treatments. Even lot of great doctors also using this sub conscious treatment for their success results. ‘ I can recover ‘ this is a mantra here which will instill our Sub conscious mind. Sources may be vary in the name of God, latest technology equipments, Great doctors whatever it may be, One thing need is ‘I will recover’ by our subconscious.

4.For Every chaos, there will be a solution. If you can’t find answer for any question within you, ask your sub conscious. It knows everything. How it’s possible means let see one practise. Before prior to sleep, just still your mind, be serenely and feel the divine in your sub conscious. Now ask it whatever you want? Do Visualize what will happen in future if you take that decission. Now, sleep peacefully. When you awake from bed, will do it repeatly. Ask this question to your sub conscious for 2 to 3 days like this manner both prior to sleep and after wakeup. Damn sure, your subconscious will reveal the answer for you within short time. Take decissions like this always.

5. Got frustrated by failure? Being tired of tendency of Lifestyle? Here a simple technique. First give prior to what you really love to do in your life. Then, be specialist in that field. Be a Giant in your field which you chosen. And remember always ‘Success is not defeating anyone’.It’s alleged in ‘Peace of Living’.

6.How to tackle hectic lifestyle? For run your full day with energentic manner do this. Before prior to sleep Flex your body and say “my toes are relaxed now, my ankle is relaxed now, my heart is relaxed now, my lungs are relaxed now, I’m going recharge my body spiritually by sleep”. And when you awake tell like this ” Today is a great day for me and everyone. I’m completely feeling divine order within me. I can easily do all my works today. God is always with me” . By practising this method you become ace in control your mind process. You can shine whatever you do. 

7. Hurted by others? Still you having rival thoughts on your mind? How to overcome this? Remember onething ‘ No one can have power to disturb you except your Own thoughts’. Don’t insist negative hetero suggestions into you. It’s your life. You’re here to live,not to hear other’s defamation. If someone pointed your fault means give them a thanks and correct it. Everyone have right to oppose your statement. You only have to go on your mark and find zenith on your field. Remember always real success hide in ‘Peace of Living’ only.

8. How to master in ‘Peace of mind’? How to forgive our  enemies? Perhaps if someone did bad thing for you  years ago means , it’s not good you still you have revenge on him. How to overcome this means, Simply pray for them. Whenever the revenge thought comes down on your mind, do pray for them like ” He will get good Life, He will get all success in life, He become a great mankind  ” like this. Why means, actually here you don’t pray for him, it’s for you only. Your inner thoughts on others reflect on your own life. So, try to love your enemies without like them and pray for them.

9.How to overcome fear and hesitance? Here a simple mantra, For example if you are going to sing a song in front of million people in the stage and you have  fear of crowd means, before that occassion do like this. Sit serenly and say into yourself ” I’m having great voice, the crowd will definitely appreciate my voice, Now I can Visualize everyone ask autograph from me after that fest” like this. Sow positive thoughts in your mind and you’ll firmly reap good only. The same technique can be followed for any occassions like Interviews in front of giants , presentation in office, speech in front of crowd everything. Remember ‘As you think, you become’.

10. How can I get success? Badly everyone wants success in their life. But, how many in us strive for that? Here a words by sacretes. Once a student asked Sacretes “how to get wisdom in life?” Suddenly, Sacretes pushed his head into water deeply and the student gasping for air badly. He could’t be there under water. Sacretes release him and ask ” what did you need while in under water?” He said, “I was gasping and only thought in my mind was air only”. Sacretes replied ” as how much you want air while in under water when as same as  you want wisdom means you will get it”. A strong desire, spirit only leads us to place of success nothing than.

11.How to break any bad habit? If we want really break any bad habit, first of all we have to accept it’s a bad habit. I want to get rid of it. Then Visualize our dear ones ( Mom, Life partner,our child, our well-wishers) all of them. Imagine in future, they all appreciate you for you got rid of that bad habit. All of them congratulate you and started loving you. By practising this manner , as soon as we can get rid of any bad habit and practise any good habit.

12.Are you feeling I’m too old for this task? Age is really a number. If you think you can’t do one task means by sub consciously you’ll get weak as soon as possible. Always think I can do this. Because, what we think inside, what we are! If you are 65 years old and feel it’s too late to start a buisness. Remember you got experience of many years by living this much years. You can guide everyone and motivate all. Always remember lot of great buisness man started from their 60s onwards  only. Age is a number. You can remember anything you learn by subconscious mind. If you told to it “I can remember” It does. If you told ” I can’t do”, you’ll forget damn sure.

Really I enjoyed while reading him. I suggest everyone to read. If you does, this book will be all your Thevaaram, Thirumurai, Bible, Quran, Tripitaka in future. 


Right now a heat debates are going on that our Government planned to cut subsidy within March 2018 for LPG. For  upper middle class people this decission won’t affect them,however they will manage by adding 200 per cylinder from their earnings. But a common man like who plan their budget monthly with low income, who allotted that amount  for monthly transport cost, who separated that amount for their child’s milk will definitely hurt. As a citizen of India we welcome ‘Demonetisation’ ‘GST’ as a part of our county’s economical growth. But a change should not be imposed to citizens in sake of patriotism. 

According to urban life style one fresher graduate can’t simply run his day to day life by eating cheapest foods available in city, give rent for room, transport cost etc. Centre should consider common man’s situation and risk for survey with limitation. They all spent lakhs and lakhs money for their education which told them in college ” once you finished,you will get life settled” 

Here not talking on one side for graduates itself, each and every worker must get minimum wage.  In the mask of Capitalism one government should not go beyond corporate heads. Universal Basic income for every work which will be constituted by legislature only itself solution for all sucides, inflation, changing lifestyle and everything.


                      JAI HIND 


” Dream is not what you see in sleep, it’s    which doesn’t let you sleep”

On his second memorial anniversary we have to remember him. Onething we should learn from him is ‘ Chasing dream’. In 1958 when he tried for fighter pilot in Indian airforce, he got 9th rank where only 8 slots allotted there. Unfortunately he didn’t get that dream job. For that he didn’t give up any seconds in his life. He served as a scientist and administrator in DRDO and ISRO where he contributed for our country by improved the missile program for Indian defence. Five decades later finally for his service he became a supreme commander of Indian armed forces. 

He had followed his dream and lived for that. Years may go, but his words ever bring up youngsters to dream big. Always we have to remember this missile man of India.