Everything becomes Equilibrium

Just want to iterate one thing within ourselves at anytime, “This too shall pass”.

Wheather its utmost worst or height of best. Whatever it may be, our life becomes get equilibrium in between what we did and what we will get.

Human mind is a vast and mysterical territory than Bermudas triangle. We should use it productive. Because Our every thought becomes going to be action. Obviously We’re our most companion and opponent by thinking vise versa.

Rather than emphasis philosophically, here I note down a eminent rule,

” Every reaction there’s an opposite equal reaction”

As per Newton’s third law, he didn’t only contribute to gravity and also life too. So, whatever one may want in life, an effort with persistent can give opposite equal result definitely. We may get what we want or rather get great experience that none wont give us.

Ups and downs, depression, sucidal thoughts, low time, self doubt… It’s all now common phenomena of every jobless citizens post their graduation. Do one thing ,go with force rather than being idle. Pursue your inner voice. You have one life. Your grandson’s son won’t remember your name however. There’s a certain elasticity for everything.