The second part of parliament sessions are continued to adjourn till 20th day amid great disruption in both upper and lower houses. It’s very pity that both Rajya sabha and Lok sabha members can’t conduct session in constitutional manner. The overall productivity hours of both houses are mere 10% as of now.


‘No confidence motion’ is a very fine constitutional act against any ruling government by its opposition members in the houses. A ruling government should face this stand off after majority of house members raised their concerns. Then, 10 days window will be opened for the ruling party to prove their majority in the houses. Untill there should be no bills can’t pass in parliament. It’s our rule of constitution.


As of now, there are various party members who protesting inside houses forgot the ‘Code of conduct act’ which drafted on 1960 which barred to come,shout and misbehaviour in the well of house. Every minute of parliament session is invested huge amount of national citizens. However, the elected MPs get their respective pay and allowance and basic amenities as per article 70(5) without any delay once they selected. But, the concern now is they should think of out side citizens who sown trust on them and elected as members. Atleast, they have to co-operate for healthy session to pass crucial bills.


However, the government extends special session for pass bills which are pending. With this mere time frame, we can’t expect adaquet debate on bill passing. Ruling party now in the position of pass the bills in a war footing manner. The opposition parties are intentionally shouting at house for their political gains. Now, there are main issues pending without debate like PNB SCAM, CBSE PAPER LEAK, SSC PAPER LEAK, ANDRA PRADESH SPECIAL STATE STATUS, IMPLEMENT THE SUPREME COURT VERDICT ON CAUVERY DISPUTE BETWEEN TAMIL NADU AND KARNATAKA.


Both ruling party and oppostion parties are two wheels of a cart. Both wheels should be in same harmony inorder to spin the cart forward. To address this concern, both ruling and opposition parties need to sit back and speak up on various disputes amid the country. Period..!



Normally, our law gives two kind of bails to accused to come out from conviction. There are Ordinary bail and Anticipatory bail. In first, anticipatory bail was made infavour of innocents who accused on political game, want to be does’t convicted can be appeal this anticipatory bail.

Anticipatory bail is gives you bail before your conviction even though FIR and Chargesheet were filed against you. On one side, this bail plays as a saviour for innocents who prey on someone’s misuse of law. But, on flip side our so called politicians and corruptionists evade our prestigious law by using this anticipatory bail since this bail came into effect.

However, a heat is going on now about ‘Prevention of attrocities against SC/ST act,1989’ which protects vulnerable section of our society gave some ray of hope to them till previous week. Our supreme court said previous week (March,2018) a ‘preliminary enquiry’ must be conducted before file a FIR on the ground ‘Prevention of attrocities against SC/ST act,1989’ and that enquiry should be conducted by minimum Deputy superintendent of police level within a week. It’s prevent misuses of the law. But, political parties raise concern about ‘Low conviction rate‘ of 23% on the ground of these attrocities against SC/ST act on 2016.

However, we should consider may be the weaken charge sheet, lack of evidence while scrutiny, Fabricated victims also plays to the low conviction rate.

Now, the concern is any law should’t be amend in favour any political games. Our law makers are resemblers of our society. They should be on the side of common man of society. The achievement of our post Independence is our constitution. We have to keep it’s holy status infavour of vulnerable society.