First time have read a novel which galvanize all souls around the universe to attain it’s dream fearlessly. Each and everyone of us obviously have one ultimate passion in our life tenure. But, due to indulge in certain instant things like Money, relationship, Fear of failure, Temporary comfort zone we all hesitate ourselves to start our own journey towards that goal. Here, PAULO COELHO emphasis a great novel where our hero Santiago found his treasure by his persistent. Let allow me to bring you towards Egypt from Andalusia through tangier of North Africa. 

* Santiago our hero who was a shepherd, owned 60 flocks and lived happily. Oneday under sycamore tree, he had a dream in which he got a treasure at abondoned sacristy. He suddenly woke up and realised it was just a dream. Days passed. He met an old zipsy lady, who told “it would be a prophetic dream and you should get if you went search for it”. 

* Santiago felt depressed because of he didn’t know how to search that treasure which came in his dream. One day near by bar, he encountered an old man with gigantic look. He started to give a talk with Santiago and he was able to read his mind too. He told himself as an old king of salem and he knew all about Santiago’s dream and how to attain it. He told his treasure would be in pyramids of Egypt. He gifted Santiago two stones  ‘URIMS & TUMMIMS’ which could able to lead him where to go further. And he told ” when you really desires something, the all universe conspires in helping you achieving it”. 

*  Santiago gave up all his flock inorder to travel towards his treasure. Before then, that flocks only all his asset and life, even though he sold it for his travelling costs towards egypt. He departed from Andalusia to Egypt. He wanted to penetrate tangier for reaching egypt. However he headed tangier. Everything looked strange for him. Most of them spoke only in Arab where he knew Spanish only. But, he learnt something beyond this language stuff, how to understand what others were trying to told. He learnt it from his flocks, which all did’t know Spanish but understood what he commanded to them. 

* In a bar at tangier, he met up one new guide who cheated all his hard earned money. Santiago was now empty handed. He started to work in a crystal shop in where he became able to change the process of crystal selling. After his arrival, the shop got more customers because of his magnetic ideas to cover customers. He enjoyed his stay with the crystal merchant and after 11 months of earning, he was able to travel to Egypt by his own money. Then, the crystal merchant also told, “He was always longing to go for Mecca, atleast once in his life time”. That was his dream. But, he couldn’t go because of temporary comfort zones. At certain point, Santiago was in chaos in between wheather go home or pursue dream. Finally, he geared up for his destiny by camel caravans. “Fear of suffering is worse than suffering. And no heart ever suffered in the process of searching it’s dream. Every second in searching of dream is second encounter with God and eternity”.

* On his way to Egypt by camel he was crossing the vast Sahara desert. A English man was accompanying with him inorder to see an Alchemist,who lives more than 200 years in the Oasis of the desert. He carried a lot of Alchemist kind of books with him. He told about alchemists that they could convert any metal into gold. So that just he wanted to know that secret from alchemists. In between all this struggles, Santiago started to learn language of the world’s soul which stands beyond all regional languages. He strongly believed in omens by nature. He learnt deserts language. And finally, they found a oasis with 3000 palm trees and 300 wells in where tribes of desert lived there. ” People are capable at any time, in searching of what they dream about” 

* On desert, he met an angel Fatima. He started to fall in love on her. At one point, he geared up to give up his dream for her. But, she told she was a desert woman. It was our proud to wait for our companions who were in the process of searching goal. Santiago now able to read the desert’s soul and omen now told him there would be a conflict over desert among tribes. He told that prophetic sign in advance to the chieftain of tribes. As he told already, there was an enemy camp on their way to oasis. However, by the alert of Santiago they were able to surpass the opponent’s. By seeing this act, the real Alchemist who lives in the desert called Santiago and tested all his abilities. Finally, he told him that he would bring him to his treasure. But, Santiago told nothing about his dream before. “When we love truely something, we strive to become better than what we are now. Then, everything around us become better too” 

* Meanwhile the Alchemist told he would bring him to pyramid, he was again in chaos in between Fatima and treasure. Then, at one point the Alchemist simply reveal future of Santiago. “If you did’t go to find your treasure, you would end up live in this oasis with Fatima. You were able to read the omens of desert, nature and everything. For that super power, the chieftain made you as a counselor of oasis. Then, after first year, your heart remind you about your goal. You didn’t listen for then. Fatima always loved you because you loved her. Love could’t be deal partially. Then after second year your heart again remind about your goal. This time a bit guilty feel occured inside you Even though you kept living there without pursuing your goal. Then after third year, everything around you started cursing you because you didn’t pursue goal. Then, you won’t be a counselor of oasis. You would lost your identity for the temporary comfort of this three year life”. By hearing this prophetic guess, Santiago shivered. Finally, he understood what he want now first. He headed with the Alchemist towards his treasure. ” There is only one thing which makes our dream impossible to achieve. THE FEAR OF FAILURE”

* On their way of treasure the alchemist and Santiago encountered warriors with full of arms in the warfare field. They planned to pierce both of them. But, Alchemist told them about their journey and explained they were not their rivals. They wanted Santiago to show his superficial powers in order to believe and let them go. Somehow, being a fresher of this power, Santiago began talk with desert. He already understood the soul of desert. So, he could speak with desert. For the surprise of the warriors, the desert gave some wierd signal to Santiago in that’s language. Now,he know all the universal language without learning them. This was how a barbarian mastered art of universal language. Suddenly, the alchemist turned to him and told he want to head back to oasis and you’re now capable of pursue your dream independently. Santiago accepted and geared up. 

*After so much miles of tired & lonely walk he found pyramid. He started to dig at one place in where he guessed might be his treasure was. Suddenly, he felt some one stabbed him from backside. Yes, a group of some thief’s robbed his remained money too. Then suddenly one thief gave him a clue, “your treasure is  in where you always dreamt”. Santiago, a dream chaser rushed to andulasia abondoned sacristy and atlast he found his treasure.

* In this story,Eventhough full of fiction with unbelievable adventures which all a single soul could’t do in it’s little span, yes… We can get what we want if we’ll pursue our ultimate passion with persistence. Thanks to Paulo Coelho who gave such a master fiction which stimulates million souls every seconds. 



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