First of all, my regards to the Almighty for land me in where can I access what I want and keeps me updated ever, in so called Metro city Chennai. As a rural man, I enjoys this strange metro tag. But, can’t being stop ask myself “where will be we all heading towards”? 

Yes, all we need to be economically stable as  individual, Great developed hegemony as nation. But, in the sake of Globalisation, Industrial revolution we’re adding fuel to fire which can both destroy and construct us. We’re the victims of urbanisation. The abundance of amenities and perk for endeavours quite high when compare to rural areas of our country. 

Ports eases exports and imports. We have to look among all other diplomatic developed countries for a short notes. They all manoeuvred for surge up industrial and agro commodities in rural areas of their country which is being part of their sustained economical growth. 

I’m also not an exception for this budge. We can’t blame anyone here. History never reminds the temporary immigrants unless they set things historically. It’s all look like a gambling at one point. People here keep convert their agro fields into plots. They succeeds in marketing the lands. But, not as eco friendly. In these six months of urban life I could’t see any growing crops instead hoardings of ‘To let’ and ‘ Near heart of city,three BHK for 1 crore ‘. People aquist all land ,does sales and gets profit instantly but loss infront of nature. 

Rather than encouraging citizens migrate towards cities and makes mammoth population in a small circle, Our authorities strive to people gets everything they want even in rural areas. I remember one quote “ Villages are the backbones of a country”. Someone said, well said. 

Authorities and bureaucrats of our nation should ensure wheather equal pay given in rural areas when campares to urban. Yes, I agree the there’s much in this buisness statics. Transportation, importing and exporting goods, getting technologies and so on. As a citizens, we have to connect the dots from urban to rural. Then only one country will empower really. Unless, we may ended up our life in somewhere as a unidentical migrant. 

SUMMARY: Have to connect the dots in between urban and rural of our Nation. Health care, Quality education, Top industries, Hybrid agro technology a lot things we have to work out.



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