Again had a great time while reading this book. Nepoleon Hill, a United states great motivational author and public speaker who herein endeavours Thirteen secrets towards success in Life.

For accomplish success in life we have to follow a strict cycle which is







1.DESIRE ( The starting point)

First of all achieve something in life we have to desire that thing in our mind. Without desire nothing going to be effect. Edison desired of incandescent light which can be used by electricity became true and we burned lamps happily in our homes today. Wright brothers desired about a machine that would fly through the air which now eases our journey by air travel. Marconi dreamt of a wireless hearing device which now called Radio. Helen Keller became deaf, dumb and blind but she made her name into history. Because ”No one ever is defeated untill the defeat accepted as a reality by them”Always remember ‘Every adversity comes with a seed of own advantage in Life”

2.DECISSION ( Decission decides us)

If you influenced by others opinion, Then you will have no desire of your own“. A great example for decission making is emphasized here. Once a captain of army going to oppose a world’s tremendous powerful army team. The captain and his warriors were going through sea way on warships and after reached, the captain blazed all ships simultaneously and said ” our Ships are burning now. We have no chance now to run away alive.The only odd will be defeat them and go with pride” and they won. Here a firm decission gave them one and only choice to ‘conquer enemies or martyr there’. That decission made them successors.

3. FAITH( visualization and belief in attainment of desire)

“If you think you’re beaten, you are,

If you think you dare’t, you don’t ,

If you like to win, but you think you can’t ,

It’s almost certain you won’t .

Life’s battle don’t always go

To the stronger or faster man,

But soon or later the man who wins

Is the man who thinks he can “

If you fails in your any attempt to make something, don’t lose hope. Because the achievers who accomplished great things are failed thousand times. They considered themselves as a ‘ Temporary failure’ and kept on keeping on. Edison ( 10,000 times failed in to found what he desired “incandescent lamp” . Ford ( He desired to change the world by the help of motor vehicles). Here both of them are school dropouts and they believed in their desire till their last breathe and they lives till date after their death.


Here we’re going to see a vital trait which is called ‘ persistence’. History hold names itself, those who holds persistence in their behaviour and desire.

Let we glimpse one of the examples of persistence. Mohammed is a ordinary man who borned and rised in Mecca who was treated like a insane in his country. But, here Mohammed believed in something persistently and tried to explore something strange to the world in the name of religious thoughts. Finally, after 35 years, It became possible to establish a new religion so called ‘ ISLAM ‘ for Mohammed. Even though he didn’t compell Christians to convert. He believed in front of Masha Allah everyone equal and finally he established a mammoth religion by his desire. But, this achievement could’t happen in overnight for Mohammed. It took around 20 years. It’s called persistence. We may give example ofBuddha, Jesus those who kept persistence for something to do this world. Strongly author reckoned ‘ If you do any task, just keep on keeping on’ . Failures are just to be see as temporary defeats. Persistence lifts you up surely.

5. THE MASTER MINDS ( Positive vibrations)

Herein, Author tell us keep ourselves who motivates us and who really want us to good in future. These group members called as ‘ Master Minds’ . We can get positive vibes from them always. Power may be produced through friendly alliance of group. We always have to keep a good relationship with them and keep in mind

Our surroundings decide our desire”

6. ORGANIZED PLANNING ( keep eye on your plans)

When defeat come it’s not means that you’re closed. It means your plans are not enough sound as successors. You have to rebuild your sailing towards your journey much stronger than before. Always remember ‘ Winners never quit, Quitters never win’. Never don’t try to reap, without sow. You want to give your Harmonious conduct in your planning.

Finally Author wants us to overcome The fear of poverty, The fear of criticism, slowness in reaching decissions, Quitting when someones opposed us, Unwilling to accept blame for mistakes, lack of confidence in one’s own idea.

A worth reading book to those who really looks up someone to lift up. After read it you’ll have power to lift up yourself by own.